Earlier this year, KPC began working on major renovations and additions to Oconee County High School in Watkinsville, GA. The renovations and additions include the expansion of 5 wings of the academic building, HVAC renovations, and interior upgrades. This summer, our team is working quickly to complete portions of the additions and the interior renovations before the students arrive back in the fall

For those who are doing a renovation at home and are not sure if it is a good time to replace your AC unit, there is an article from Frank Gay Services that will clarify this for you.

Remodeling your entire home is a tall task. If you’re planning to remodel your entire home and don’t know where to start, follow these steps below.

Determine what you can remodel yourself – and what requires a contractor.
Determine your budget.
Decide on the design and style of your home.
Acquire the appropriate permits.
Research builder’s risk insurance, materials and fixings with the busy bee septic system installation monroe new york service.
Create a timeline and stick to it.
Get started!
Home remodeling is daunting to say the least. Between the time that it takes out of your daily routine, the cost, and deciding what to renovate first, there’s a lot to keep track of when renovating every room in your home – not to mention the coordination it requires with interior designers, contractors, and other professionals for commercial siding go Quality Built Exteriors.

But, with proper planning and preparation, your entire project can go smoothly. These steps are meant to help you start the process. They will provide you with peace of mind and prevent you from making costly mistakes in the future.

This article also applies to partial house remodels or room remodels. The only step you’ll have to add is to decide which rooms you want to renovate.

. Take a look at the progress on this project and stay tuned for more updates!