Preconstruction and Construction Services

Kevin Price Construction has been serving the East Metro/North Central Georgia area for 29 years in the education, commercial and industrial construction markets, now a days, it is a the go to commercial construction company for big projects. We currently have an active concrete cutting professional license in Georgia, Alabama and reciprocal states. We have a significant amount of experience in home construction with new, renovation and addition projects.

We are accustomed to working on campus while school is in progress. We have completed school projects with very tight schedules (beginning at the end of the school year with the project ready for occupancy by the fall term of the next year).

KPC also has significant experience with concrete cutting, Industrial Construction and even concrete pumping, we have the best equipment necessary for any type of project, we even have the best Portable Construction Heaters. Our portfolio shows a wide range of knowledge of multiple project types.

Bid Phase

We conduct pre-bid conferences with all major subcontractors and suppliers to clarify the scope, assure responsive bids and provide a clear understanding of the intended schedule. We also solicit and develop ideas on how to improve the intended schedule.

Post-Bid / Pre-Construction Phase

We evaluate subcontractor and supplier bids for thoroughness, accuracy, and any potential duplication.

We conduct pre-award interviews with apparent low bid subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that all players have a thorough and complete understanding of the project’s requirements. This ensures that subcontractors will be able to man the project and meet the intended schedule. Don’t forget that we can take care of any commercial construction project, we even take in Office Building Renovation Projects.

We identify long lead items and expedite the shop drawing and submittal process.

Preliminary Construction Phase

We plan the construction site layout with the best structural engineering specialists to ensure proper coordination of safety measures, temporary facilities, temporary and permanent utilities and access for equipment such as overhead cranes and material deliveries. We also conduct pre Land Excavating-construction subcontractor meetings to discuss detailed scope of work, schedule, manpower requirements and quality and also to determine if Pre Construction Soil Stabilization services will be needed. It is important to ensure that the expectations are clear, and that nothing is lost in the transition from the office to the field.

Construction Phase

Conduct progress meetings with the Owner and design professionals. Deliver timely and concise reports to the Owner concerning progress, milestones and other critical elements of the Project. Update the project schedule on a weekly basis to keep all team members up to date with the project’s progress. Monitor the construction progress to anticipate difficulties, resolve issues early and keep the project flowing. Conduct less formal subcontractor and supplier meetings to coordinate weekly activities.

Closeout Management Plan

KPC begins the closeout portion of the project at the beginning of the project by assigning a value to the closeout documentation from each subcontractor. We begin to collect the documentation as we go. Warranties and special documentation are collected at the site if practical, but certainly are requested well before the final completion of the project, but do not forget, if you are planning to move machinery inside the building, consider adding some Expansion Joints placed by professional expansions joint installers. We begin the catalog process as we are winding down, so that the final closeout happens as soon as possible. As the earlier subcontractors complete, we go ahead and collect all required documentation from them to speed up the process. Once this done, we move on to finding the best building supplies to work with. 

Change Management Plan

It is always the goal of KPC to not have change orders. We will work with the Architect during the pre-construction period to create a solid set of plans which are clear and inclusive of the scope of the project, the we will determine when the excavation process will start.

There will be times when a change is necessitated due to unforeseen conditions or a change by the owner. If this occurs, we engage significant due diligence to confirm that this is an unforeseen condition and we prepare to prove our findings to the owner and Architect. If confirmed, we would solicit bids and competitive pricing (to the largest extent possible) to ensure that the owner gets a fair price for the task at hand.

Subcontractor Management

All Subcontractors are contractually bound to the plans and specifications, directly in line with the prime contract. This monitors job cost, time constraints, establishes quality criteria and ensures that proper insurance requirements are met.

Detailed Billing

Monthly billing provides a detailed cost break-down of the work performed to date in a standard American Institute of Architecture format. Customers are billed only for work that has been completed. Subcontractor’s pay applications are broken down to such detail that the entire team can understand what the owner is paying for each month. This ensures that the owner is not paying for work that is not yet complete.

Progress Reports

Weekly progress reports provide the project’s current status and update the projected completion date, as well as any problems encountered. This process ensures a smooth flow of work.


All subcontractors are required to furnish proof of Workman’s Compensation and General Liability before beginning any of our projects.

Issue Resolution

Staying on top of the project and having good upfront understanding with a clean scope of work prevents issues, this is why we decided a few years ago that the use of environmental consulting services was a must for us. Good solid management with good communication will prevent issues. If issues arise, we collect the facts, work through the cause and seek the solution. We would seek to handle all of this prior to engaging the owner.


We will produce a detailed Sure-Track or Microsoft Project schedule for the entire project. This schedule then becomes part of each subcontractors like the ones from hoover buildings and major supplier’s contract with KPC.