In August 2019, Kevin Price Construction completed the new Golden Pantry Market located in the heart of downtown Athens, Georgia. This new 5,000 square foot, GP design concept features a unique French inspired interior. It offers an upscale kitchen and the latest in merchandise service equipment, perfect for the college atmosphere.

Most people struggle to afford to remodel their entire house all at once. They also want to save as much money as possible. If this sounds like you, first decide which parts of the remodel you can do yourself and which you need a contractor to do and use the extreme spray foam insulation athens ga service.

Tasks like painting, baseboard installation, small-scale demolition (like a counter or set of cabinets) or even installing flooring can be done by amateurs. But door or window installation and large demolition projects may be more difficult.

And if you don’t know if it is something you might want to tackle, hop on YouTube and just watch a couple of videos of people doing what you are thinking of doing. You might be surprised how much courage that can give you.